Play Concept - Tiffany House Children's Playroom - 1
Tiffany House Children's Playroom

The Children Playroom of the Tiffany House, a residential complex in Macau, is different from other playrooms. It is extraordinary. This cinematic feel playroom is directed by the famous Art Director, William Chang Suk Ping, who received an Academy Award for Best Costume Design nomination in 2014. The creator used point line and plane to create spaces with various feelings. Together with varied colors and patterns, it represents a multifaceted and aesthetic playroom. 

On 6th June, 2022, the developer China Star held the opening ceremony of the TIFFANY HOUSE showroom in Hong Kong and the premiere of the TV commercial, and officially announced the latest sales plan of the project. Gathering an internationally renowned superstar team to build, the conception and layout are meticulous, and each unit is precious. 

Press Conference:


Client: China Star
Completed Date: 2022 
Location: Macau